Why You Need Your Coupon on this Site

As of July 1, 2015 this site is averaging  7,680 visitors per month and it’s increasing every day.

Web stats are available upon request.

The rate is only $50/Month when you buy 6 months.

That’s only  .0065 cents per impression and these are customers looking for you!

SouthLakeTahoeCoupons.com is categorized to help you the advertiser have a better chance of your customers finding your products or services without going through dozens of coupons not relevant to their search.

Advertising includes:  radio, newspaper, emails to property and business owners and renters, Internet Marketing, we are sponsoring the Tahoe Business Expo , Hotels Concierge’s are handing out cards with our website and QR code, these cards can also be founds at more than 60 locations with new locations added daily.

The emails to property owners is key here because they don’t see or hear local advertising until they are in town and most of them do not have mail delivery at their vacation home.

Coupons are printable with a link to your site, map to your location and click to dial phone numbers.